Ibiza Gifts | How I Got Married In Ibiza


On June 6th 2017 I married my wonderful wife on the wonderful island of Ibiza. Bethany and I have been together for six years and have a wonderful three year old daughter, Sophia.

Being the romantic man I am, I popped the question to my girl on Valentine day 2015 first thing in the morning wearing my dressing gown! At first we had no plans to get married immediately it was just a signal of intent on my behalf that this was the woman I wanted to be with.

Roughly twelve months later we started talking about organising the wedding. After several conversations and a recent experience of a wedding abroad we decided that’s what we would go for. Let’s save some money and get married abroad! In fact it turned out the complete opposite cost wise.

We started looking at different destinations to get married at. Searching through brochures, websites and a trip to the travel agent. We decided we would get in married in Portugal! Yes Portugal!

Why Portugal?

Taking our daughter Sophia on holiday to Cuba when she was just 18 months old was a flipping nightmare. The long flight was a real killer for us. Not long after our arrival in Cuba, Sophia broke out in chicken pox, great. So we just got on with our holiday. All ready to fly home our wonderful, cute and smiley little daughter decided to scream for eight hours on the return flight. She just couldn’t be comforted and the relentless crying and screaming was unbearable for all passengers on the plane. After 36 hours of no sleep in total we decided during the drive home that we wouldn’t take Sophia abroad again until she was A LOT older! That’s why we had chosen Portugal as our wedding destination due to the shorter flight.
Cuba 2015

We found a lovely hotel for all our guest to stay in the Algarve. We were in contact with a few wedding companies over there and were awaiting quotes for our wedding day. The hotel was finalised so we collected deposits off all our guests and awaited the quotes. The day arrived to pay the holiday deposits to Thomson and on the same day we received the wedding costs. We were quoted €12,000 for the wedding day. Jesus. Holy. This is supposed to be a cheap wedding abroad! We couldn’t afford that! Where on earth were we supposed to get that sort of money from? And we pulled the plug on Portugal!

Back to square one. Well where can we get married now? We had everyone’s deposits in our bank account so we needed something quick. What about Ibiza? I said to Beth. At first she was a bit sceptical about Ibiza as a wedding destination as she had heard a few stories about when I’d been on lad’s holidays in my younger years. In the back of my mind I was thinking, yes Ibiza, we’ll have loads of babysitters for Sophia. I could go there for a week take all my mates, get married and spend the rest of the week partying!

So on I went. Ibiza would be a great wedding destination. It’s a great place. It’s only a two hour flight, perfect for Sophia. They have some of the best beaches in the world. It’s really hot there. My persistent praising of Ibiza won Beth over and she finally caved in. Result.

Due to Spanish law we couldn’t legally get married in Ibiza so we planned to get married the day before in our local registrar office and fly out to Ibiza to host our ceremony.


Our hotel was Azuline Hotel Bergantin. Absolutely fab hotel for £600 pp all inclusive. Our wedding venue Sa Flama, a little beach front tapas bar just 100 yards over the road
On Tuesday 6th June 2017, our wedding day. The sun was shining, the vibe was great and the beer very cold. The wedding was scheduled to start 6pm local time. We spent the day chilling out by the pool and soaking up the sun. As the time of the wedding approached I went off to my room to get changed along with my best man Darryl, also my identical twin brother!

Looking sharp we made our way down to the hotel bar for a swift drink before making our way over to the venue with our guests to await the arrival of the beautiful bride. The sun was beaming down on us all as we took our places in the beautifully set beach altar with he’s a pirate playing in the background!

The blessing took place on the beach and was a wonderful experience as Beth and I poured Ibiza sand into a vase to symbol our love for each other.

We had sangria and tapas as the guests took turns to congratulate us. There was such a relaxed atmosphere as everyone chatted and laughed in groups with the best possible backdrop of the blue Mediterranean Sea littered with fancy boats and expensive yachts.
Time passed so quickly and we were ready to sit down for our sunset BBQ reception. The staff served us BBQ meats from pork steaks to chicken and beef accompanied by grilled vegetables and delicious wine to drink. We had forked out on a saxophonist which played during our meal. Looking around whilst the sun was setting with the sax playing and seeing so many beaming faces is something I will never forget. Lemon sorbet for dessert, it was just awesome.

The speeches were said, we cut the cake and it was now time for the first dance. John Legend, All of Me played and we danced away staring lovingly into each other eyes. Yeah right! The first dance was one of the most awkward things I have ever done. Beth constantly telling me I was a rubbish dancer and everyone watching us just made the whole thing slightly awkward. Luckily I had chosen the short version of the song to be played so the experience didn’t last long and we were quickly into the second track, Let’s Twist Again and all our guests joined us on the dance floor. Although I soon snuck off without anyone noticing. It’s safe to say everyone had a little dance and it was joyful.

Then came the surprise. Yes we had a surprise. Beth and I had managed to keep this a secret from everyone for the last god knows how many months. A FUN DRAG SHOW! Out she/he came. Stilettos, tights, a tight little swimsuit like one piece with fuzzy blonde hair. I must say the legs and arse on it were pretty impressive. The older generation of male guests at our wedding disappeared pretty sharpish!

The drag show turned out to be quite interactive as we took it in turns to get embarrassed up on the stage singing and dancing with this tranny. We soon burst into the conga as everyone present conga’d around the wedding venue. I must say it was so funny and fun. The best part was saved until last as my brother Darryl took to the stage and had a dance off with the drag act. There were tears running down people’s faces and it was possibly one of the weirdest yet funniest things I had ever seen.

The rest of the night would be spent drinking and dancing as the DJ turned the party into classic Ibiza house and Ibiza dance tunes, at my prior request. Everyone going mad to Adiago For Strings is also something I will never forget.

12am came and it was all over in the blink of an eye. What an entertaining evening! It was frankly amazing from start to finish. The scenery was worth the wedding cost alone. Being on the beach in Ibiza with all my family and friends. Eating the best food. Drinking the best Spanish beers. It was fantastic. It beat a UK church wedding hands down.
Not only did we have the opportunity to get married in Ibiza, but we got to enjoy the best one weeks holiday ever in Ibiza with all our guests.

I would strongly recommend to anyone looking at getting married abroad to seriously consider Ibiza no matter what the cost as you cannot put a price on something as magical as this!